Admiralty & Maritime Lawyer in Alaska

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Admiralty & Maritime law is a unique area of law that deals with how the law applies to situations that happen in navigable waters. Navigable waters refer to the oceans of the world, lakes, channels and rivers that can be used for commercial shipping. Maritime law becomes very important in cases where someone was injured on a commercial fishing boat, or any ocean-going vessel because it dictates how you go about recovering compensation for your injuries.

Crewmen (and their families in cases of wrongful death) who work on ships, boats, barges, tug boats, commercial fishing vessels, cruise ships, tour boats, and tankers, in navigable waters at sea, in rivers, lakes, bays, and sounds, are entitled to compensation under the Jones Act, if they are injured or die through the negligence of their employer. Todd Young handles Admiralty & Maritime injury cases throughout Alaska and provides a free initial consultation either over the phone, via email or in his office.

Todd Young is an accident and injury lawyer that dedicates his practice to helping people who have been injured receive what they deserve financially so that they can focus on healing and moving forward with their lives. In addition to his years of experience as a personal injury lawyer, he has also worked on commercial fishing boats and fully understands the challenges and dangers that people working on commercial ocean vessels face on a daily basis.

There are several types of compensation for a boat worker who has been injured or killed while working on a commercial sea vessel, types of compensation include:

  • Missed Time From Work
  • Limited Future Earning Potential
  • Wrongful Death
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Hospital & Medical Bills

While there are literally thousands of potential cases where you can make an injury claim against an employer or boat owner under Maritime law, some of the most common commercial boat related injuries cases that Todd handles in Alaska involve:

  • Commerical Fishing Vessels
  • Tug and Tow Boats
  • Ferry boats and Ferry boat workers
  • Oil Rigs
  • Crab Boats
  • Container Ships & Cargo Boats
  • Injuries caused by cranes or other loading equipment

If you feel like you have been offered less than your injury suffered on a commercial boat was worth, or you were injured and simply do not know how to take the first step, call Todd Young today. The initial consultation is always free, and if you choose to have Todd represent you, there are no up-front costs. His legal fees are paid out of what he recovers on your behalf, so if you don’t win, you don’t pay.