Injuries to Seamen & Boatworkers Harborworkers

Injuries to Seamen & Boat Workers in Alaska

Compensation for Injured Boat, Cargo Ship Workers and Commercial Fishermen

If you have been injured while working on a fishing boat, cargo boat or any other ocean-going vessel, you can pursue compensation from your employer in a court of law. There is a long history of case law that establishes that people who work on water expose themselves to far more danger than almost any other job or occupation. When someone is injured on a boat or working on the water, and that injury was caused by the negligence of your employer, you and your family are entitled to compensation in one or more of the following forms:

  • Time missed from work
  • Occupational counseling (in the case that you can no longer work in your current job)
  • Hospital & Medical Bills already incurred
  • Expected Medical Care Bills if your injury requires on-going care.
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Wrongful Death Benefits

Compensation claims for injuries sustained by harborworkers on a commercial fishing boat or other ocean-going vessel are brought under Maritime Law. There are several types of injuries that can be sustained while working on or near a commercial boat. Large moving parts, hooks used for fishing, ropes, bait, nets and similar objects are routinely thrown off of, and brought back on to, commercial fishing boats. These large hooks, ropes and nets have a history of entangling fishermen and other workers and throwing them overboard.

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While the great majority of employers make almost every effort to provide a safe working environment for their workers, it can be extremely difficult, especially on the water. Tight timing schedules, the constant challenge of remaining profitable and the fast-paced and hard-nosed nature of working on the water creates an environment that makes serious injuries and even death more likely.

If you have been injured as a seaman, longshoreman, commercial fisherman or other occupation on an ocean, lake, river or harbor, call the law office of Todd Young for a free initial consultation today.