Maritime Wrongful Death Claims

Commercial Fishermen / Boat Workers Killed at Sea

Statistically, a commercial fisherman is more likely to die as a result of an injury at work as any other occupation in the United States of America. Similarly, every boat-related job (cargo ship workers, seamen, cruise ship workers, etc) can be extremely dangerous. When boats are at sea for sometimes months at a time, it can be difficult to re-construct the exact circumstances that caused an accident, injury or death on a boat.

Todd Young has experience as a commercial fisherman and has a first hand understanding of the dangers and daily challenges faced by people who work on commercial vessels. Todd Young has also been designated as a Civil Trial Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association (a designation reserved for only the most accomplished civil attorneys).

There is no shortage of circumstances that can cause serious injury or death on a commercial boat. Some of these include:

  • Falling / being dragged overboard
  • Wounds suffered from hooks, anchors or other large pieces of equipment
  • Blunt force trauma from industrial equipment
  • Infection & Sickness

If a loved one has lost their life at sea, or has sustained an injury that caused their death while receiving medical treatment, Todd Young can help. Todd offers a free initial consultation either over the phone, via email, in his office or through video conferencing (via Skype, Facebook or Gmail). He can help you understand how Maritime and wrongful death law applies to your situation, and give you options for pursuing compensation.