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An injury from a car accident can have a drastic and lasting effect on anyone who is involved. Victims of car accidents and their families often have a great variety of questions about who is at fault and how to hold them financially responsible. Some of the costs that result from a car accident include medical bills, lost wages from missed work, damaged property and in some cases can even limit future earning potential.

Effective & Knowledgeable St. Paul Auto Accident Lawyer

Knowing how to fully measure the damage caused by an auto accident is a complex and detailed process. Actually recovering those damages can be even more difficult. There are cases where the insurance companies work to minimize the amount paid to auto accident victims. Working with an experienced and effective auto accident lawyer can increase the likelihood that you will receive a fair settlement that takes all of your injuries and losses sustained into account.

Take Advantage of a Free Consultation Before Signing Anything

If your insurance company or the insurance company of another driver involved in the auto accident has asked you to sign anything, you may want to the documents reviewed by an attorney to make sure that you are not settling for less than you should or signing away your rights to have your case reviewed. Todd Young is an experienced and effective St. Paul personal injury and auto accident lawyer who can help guide you through the recovery process after a car accident. He is available to answer questions during a free initial consultation either at his office in Roseville (just off of Snelling Avenue) via email or over the phone.

When it comes to pursuing compensation for an injury sustained during a car accident, the insurance companies have their interests well protected by a team of lawyers. Make sure that you have someone watching out for your best interests. Don’t settle for less than your accident is worth or let hospital bills ruin your credit or drain your savings. Work with Todd Young, an effective St. Paul Car Accident Lawyer to ensure the best possible financial outcome for your case, so that you can focus on your healing and recovery.